The ninth symphony of the Foundation

The Málaga CF Foundation has undertaken dozens of activities over the 18/19 season. Here we summarise some of the most outstanding, such as the Genuine team and the II Edition of the Siempre Fuerte Awards.


25/06/2019 18:00

Blue and White Values

Counting this season there have been five editions of Blue and White Values, undoubtedly one of the most well-known of the Foundation’s activities. During the 2018/19 campaign classes were given to 2,130 students from 15 different schools, eight of which were of social transformation. In addition, to end the year, 1,220 students attended La Rosaleda to watch the first team in training. Lastly, the magnificent collaboration of Obra Social de La Caixa must be mentioned, an essential partner in this activity.

II Edition of the Siempre Fuerte Awards

Following the success of the first edition, this year’s second event was even more brilliant. Once again held at the unbeatable setting of the Picasso Museum, the II Siempre Fuerte Awards Gala brought together big personalities from Málaga society with the aim of rewarding standout social entities. Autismo Málaga, Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche and Fundación Andrés Olivares were awarded, along with Antonio Martín Gaitán, ‘El Niño’ and Pablo Pineda.

Charity match

Aiming to recognise the great work undertaken by the charity organisations, the MCF Foundation distributed 3,487 tickets amongst 72 associations so they could go and watch a match. Furthermore, on that day 4,000 kilos of food was collected to be allocated to 10 different soup kitchens.

Charity calendar

With the participation of players from the male and female first teams, the MCF Foundation brought out a charity calendar to raise funds for 12 social entities. A total of 3,950 calendars were sold, and 13,825 was collected for the 12 associations. Copyrap and Garum Motor were the partners that made this project a reality.

Equality talk and team against gender violence

In collaboration with the University of Málaga, an event was held in which the most important institutions in the area of equality and top-level athletes got together to discuss gender equality. In addition, Málaga Femenino players headed to 11 different school to offer classes on equality, taking the project to 1,350 students.

Visit to Materno Infantil

At the hand of the Foundation, various footballers from the male and female first teams visited Hospital Materno Infantil together with Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer and the Asociación de Voluntarios de Oncología Infantil. There the players brought smiles to the children on the oncology ward.

Historical area

The Foundation’s historical area works continuously to ensure every detail of Málaga football is remembered. For this reason, a tribute was made to the Pérez Frías brothers, and the medical room was named ‘Sala Médica Hermanos Pérez Frías’ in their honour. Moreover, this year some 1,300 photographs were recovered that are now part of the Blue and White archives.

Málaga Genuine, a champion team

Throughout the season, the Málaga CF EDI team completed 31 training sessions and took part in a four-phase tournament, playing 12 games. In addition, the team played another 11 games of a different character, such as the I Supercapacita@s International Match against Newcastle. Another 36 diverse activities were carried out over the season.

Fundación MCF EDI, multi award-winning team

Premio ‘M de Málaga’ (Diputación), Peña Malaguista de Almargen, Premio eWoman (Prensa Ibérica), Peña Malaguista de Pizarra, Universidad de Málaga and Medalla de la ciudad (Ayuntamiento) were the recognitions achieved by Málaga CF’s most decorated team.

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