The new kits are a hit!

The presentation of the new Málaga CF kits was a resounding success. Fans have fallen in love with the new strips, unveiled at El Balneario - Baños del Carmen.


15/07/2021 12:57

They like them. This is the unanimous conclusion reached by the Club following the launch of the three jerseys. There’s no doubt. The reaction of everyone present, as well as the fans on social networks has been crystal clear.

The event was held in the idyllic setting of El Balneario - Baños del Carmen. Such a special, symbolic setting for the Club as this was where matches were held before the inauguration of La Rosaleda, some 80 years ago.

The gala, masterfully hosted by Ana María Romero and the charismatic Sebastián Fernández Reyes, ‘Basti’, took us on a passionate journey through the history and feeling of MCF, in just half an hour. Midway through the act, the four jerseys were revealed, modelled by three players and a goalkeeper. The first to be unveiled was that of the keeper. Dani Barrio emerged with the luminous yellow kit that dazzled everyone. Málaga Genuine player, Pablo Sánchez was next to walk out, wearing the classic, elegant black jersey that was a hit with everyone. Immediately afterwards, Marina Gálvez emerged wearing the away kit. This enigmatic colour left everybody speechless. Lastly, Luis Muñoz appeared wearing the new home shirt that astonished everyone. The ovation with which it was received left no doubt, it stunned the audience.

There, in this nerve centre of Málaga culture, history and society, various institutional authorities gathered; Málaga City Council was represented by Mayor, Francisco de la Torre; second deputy mayor, Carlos Conde; the Councillor for Sport, Noelia Losada; Councillor for Tourism, Rosa Sánchez; and the manager of the municipal company and sponsor of the Entity, Promálaga, Francisco Salas. On behalf of the Diputación Provincial were president, Francisco Salado; first vice president, Juan Carlos Maldonado; second vice president, Margarita del Cid; and the manager of Turismo y Planificación Costa del Sol, Antonio Díaz. In addition, the Junta de Andalucía was represented by the regional delegate for sport in Málaga, Mercedes García Paine. The CEO of the technology company and Malaguista sponsor BeSoccer, Manu Heredia, was accompanied by his head of Administration Alberto Ramón.

On behalf of the Club, judicial administrator, José María Muñoz was present, along with Protocol and Institutional Relations Adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar; adviser, Abdallah Ben Barek; sporting director, Manolo Gaspar; first team coach, José Alberto López; head of the MCF Academy, Sergio Paulo Barbosa Valente, ‘Duda’; directors of the Business, Financial and Institutional Relations departments, Alberto Martínez, Carlos Arias and Ana Vera: MCF Foundation coordinator, Lucas Rodríguez; and as guest, owner of El Balneario, José Luis Ramos.

A jersey that amazed. A jersey marked by a thousand battles.

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