The Málaga CF mascot is…Súper Boke!

The MCF judging panel has decided in a very close vote that the Blue and White superhero will become the new image of the Club.

From today, Súper Boke is Málaga CF’s new official mascot. After three selection processes and a wait of more than two months, we have a winner! Welcome, Súper Boke!

Malagueño and Malaguista Mario González says he’s a beginner when it comes to graphic design, as he doesn’t do it professionally, but has taken his “first steps,” as he put it.

Naturally, Mario’s talent won over the judges, made up of: the Club’s Institutional Relations and Protocol adviser, Francisco Martín Aguilar; sporting director, Manolo Gaspar; MCF Academy director, Sergio Paulo Barbosa Valente, ‘Duda’; from the MCF Foundation Social Department, Sebastián Fernández Reyes, ‘Basti’; Málaga CF Femenino adviser and president of Málaga Forever (veterans), Manuel Hernández Navarrete; MCF Foundation coordinator, Lucas Rodríguez; head of human resources, María del Mar Jiménez; from the business department, Laura Chicón; from the legal department, Alberto Díaz; and from the finance department, Carmen Rodríguez. Two rounds of voting determined the winner. The first count resulted in four votes for Súper Boke, four votes for Boque (by Silvia Stofikova) and two votes for Bokerino (by María José Guerrero Ortiz). In the second voting process, the result was six votes for Súper Boke and four for Boque, in what was a tight contest to determine the winner.

Mario, the creator, welcomed the news with great joy. The young artist said he couldn’t wait to take part in the competition when it was announced by the Club on social media, and he soon got his inspiration. Now, Súper Boke is a reality, and Mario has won two season tickets for the 22/23 campaign, and he’ll also attend the presentation.

Congratulations Mario! We love your work, which now forms part of MCF history! We can't wait to see it come to life at La Rosaleda!