The Juvenil ‘A’ team, ready for everything

Nacho’s side have been the best ‘juvenil’ team in Spain in the first phase of the 20/21 season and, from this Sunday, will fight for the title of regional champions and play in the Copa de Campeones.


06/04/2021 18:58

Málaga CF have completed an exceptional season up until now, ending as clear leaders of Subgroup A of Group IV División de Honor Juvenil with the Club’s best ever stats in this category. Here’s what coach, Nacho Pérez Santamaría has to say: “The first phase was spectacular. Out of 20 games we are the highest scoring team in the category, the one who has achieved the most points, with 18 victories, one draw and one defeat…If we knew back in the pre-season that we’d achieve these stats we wouldn’t have believed it”.

Amazing numbers, 55 out of a possible 60 points, 68 goals scored (3’4 per game) and 11 conceded (0’55 average). Loren Zúñiga, with 20 goals, is the undisputed ‘pichichi’, accompanied by his usual partner, Roberto (13 goals).

The second phase of 20/21 comes with the unification of the top teams in the two subgroups of Group 4. “In principle, it was said that the first and second teams would play three matches at home and two away, and a draw would be held to determine who out of the third-placed teams in the two groups would play three at home. Following the draw, we were surprised that we were playing two home games and three away, being the team with the most points. We were a little disappointed, but it will only serve to motivate the players”, said Nacho.

“On the final matchday we are away to Sevilla, and have another away game against Cádiz, against whom this year neither Betis nor Sevilla have won. This Sunday we’re up against Séneca, at 12, these are our three away fixtures. Then at home we have Calavera and Betis”, added the Juvenil ‘A’ coach. Such promising young talent in the MCF Academy, who are competing and winning. Good luck for the remainder of the season!

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08/03/2021 10:14 | Atlético Malagueño / La Academia / Málaga CF Female

MCF Academy match results

No points for Atlético Malagueño away to Motril, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ continued their winning streak in Subgroup A of Group 4 in the División de Honor.

02/03/2021 11:20 | La Academia / Málaga CF Female

Academy match results

Victories for the Juvenil División de Honor and MCF Femenino featured in the marathon of matches over the Andalucía Day holiday. Atlético Malagueño were not in competition over the weekend.