The institutions visit The Academy works

City Hall, Diputación and the Junta de Andalucía visited Málaga CF’s future sports city, together with Club directors.


06/05/2021 19:21

Works on Málaga CF’s future sports city at Arraijanal received an institutional visit on Thursday afternoon. Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Málaga; Francisco Salado, president of the Diputación Provincial; and Patricia Navarro, government delegate of the Junta de Andalucía in Málaga, together with José María Muñoz, Málaga CF’s judicial administrator; and Francisco Martín Aguilar, Protocol and Institutional Relations adviser observed the current status of the project, guided by MCF Academy architect, Salvador Cortés. 

Equipped with the protective helmet, hi-vis vest and complying with all the security measures, the political representatives saw how the project is shaping up, where the two artificial training pitches will be located in the first phase of the works, how the office building is progressing as well as the stands that will flank the main pitch.

Once finalised, this space will be committed to the conservation of the environment, reusing both river waters and those destined for irrigation.

Statements to MCFTV

Francisco Martín Aguilar, Protocol and Institutional Relations adviser at Málaga CF: “It’s a dream come true, I can’t quite believe it. I couldn’t wait for this day, to be able to see the works, which are progressing well”.

Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Málaga: “It looks as though the first part of the initial phase of works will be completed by the end of the year. It’s a great space for the youth ranks. What’s good for Málaga CF is good for the city of Málaga”.

Patricia Navarro, Junta de Andalucía delegate in Málaga: “With this MCF Academy we make the city bigger, as well as Andalucía in terms of sport. I’m very pleased and proud”.

Francisco Salado, president of the Diputación Provincial de Málaga: “I would like to congratulate Málaga CF and City Hall for carrying out these works. Sports tourism is booming, and Málaga CF can take advantage of these facilities to boost their financial resources. I want to commend Málaga society as this is what MCF needed”.

The works continue on the right track and the appropriate steps are being taken so that this first phase of The Academy will be finalised around October.

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