The Forever and Málaga Genuine, together in RETTorneo Solidario

Last Saturday the Malaguista Veterans and the MCF Foundation’s team came together for a charity event sponsored by Diputación Provincial de Málaga, held at CD Tiro Pichón’s facilities.


01/04/2019 14:36

The Association of Former Málaga Footballers took part in a special charity tournament that raised funds for ‘Asociación Nuestro Retto, Vuestra Felicidad’ to support two Málaga-born girls who suffer with Rett Syndrome, a rare condition that occurs almost exclusively in girls.

The CD Tiro Pichón facilities hosted the event, which included a great match between the Málaga CF Forever and Real Betis Balompié veterans, who won by 1-2. With Gonzalo De los Santos as captain and Catanha scoring the Malaguista goal, other illustrious players such as Manolo Gaspar, Calatayud and Raúl Gaitán, amongst others, also took part.

In addition, two triangular tournaments were played in the Prebenjamín category and an exhibition match. The stars of the show in that game were the Fundación MCF-EDI team that competes in LaLiga Genuine and Club Espíritu Deportivo. A lovely finishing touch to a very special Saturday, with over 200 participants and more than 10 hours of charity football tournament.

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