The charity gala returns… the #SiempreFuerte Awards are back!

The third edition of this event, organised by the MCF Foundation which praises the solidarity of Málaga and its province, is being held this Wednesday evening at 19:30 at the Museo Picasso Málaga Auditorium.


12/02/2020 13:08

Málaga Club de Fútbol, through its Foundation, is holding the third edition of its charity gala; the #SiempreFuerte Awards. In the name and memory of the exemplary Pablo Ráez, the awards gala is taking place at the iconic setting of the Museo Picasso Málaga Auditorium. Culture, sport, life and Málaga become one on this night that promises emotion and smiles in equal measure. Masters of ceremonies tonight are journalist, Cristina Zumaquero and Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, the face of the MCF Foundation, who will be conveying the message of strength, solidarity and love this city and province shows every day, and which will be recognised this evening.

The Blue and White Entity will be represented by Málaga CF’s general manager, Richard Shaheen, and Málaga CF’s iconic advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar, Abdallah Ben Barek and Antonio Benítez.

This third edition of the #SiempreFuerte Awards will feature the voice of Marina Rojas. A young singer, blind from birth, who will bring music and her impressive voice to the awards.

The colour and artwork of this grand event will be brought by Malagueño (and Malaguista) painter, José Luis Puche. The renowned artist, who has held exhibitions in New York, Paris and Sydney, designed the poster for Semana Santa de Málaga 2020 and has been a Málaga season ticket holder since childhood, also designed the poster for this year’s Siempre Fuerte awards. This will be the great mystery of the evening as the work will not be unveiled until the start of the gala.

Now knowing the prelude to the awards, it’s important to remember something fundamental:

What are the #SiempreFuerte Awards?

With these awards, Málaga Club de Fútbol, thanks to its Foundation, wants to recognise the work and or social initiative of people or entities, public or private, within the fields of solidarity, co-existence, respect, equality, overcoming adversity and healthy habits over the past year (2019) in and around Málaga. And with the ever-present memory of Pablo Ráez, recognising people or entities who have carried out outstanding social work or, due to their example of overcoming adversity or hard work, have been social protagonists and, as such, are a reference in our society.

Who are this year’s winners?

Social Entity Award 2019

Asociación Síndrome de Down de Málaga

The Asociación Síndrome de Down de Málaga began in 1992 by a group of mothers and fathers of people with Down Syndrome, aiming to improve quality of life. Their work is focused towards the development of a more independent life. As such, this entity currently has projects defending the rights of people with Down Syndrome, promoting their development and full inclusion within a social and working environment.

Fundación HARENA

With the objective of building a fairer, more committed society, the Fundación HARENA was born in 2007. Work is focused on helping the most vulnerable people in our province and the poorest countries around the world, enhancing solidarity and boosting the act of volunteering. At present, the ‘Soledad 0 – Vida 10’ home support project is underway, in residential homes and hospitals; as well as access to water and better nutrition in the municipality of Kaso Abbo in Ethiopia.

Asociación Altamar, Educación y Familia

The Asociación ALTAMAR, Educación y Familia has been working for nearly 15 years on improving social inclusion in the neighbourhoods of Trinidad and El Perchel, via integral education. The association provides school support and good behaviour patterns for boys and girls at risk of social exclusion. This entity also assists families affected by socio-economic problems, illiteracy or drug addiction, via basic needs (food, hygiene, clothing, school materials, glasses, etc.) 

Abdallah Ben Barek Award

Málaga Alevín 18/19

As well as their season taking part in regular competition, Málaga CF’s Alevín team of 18/19 was the champion of sporting values. During a football match, the Malaguista players, aged between 10 and 12, showed their disapproval of an incident that occurred among fans, turning their backs on the supporters and demonstrating, despite their young age, a true example of sportsmanship. This team recently received the Jarque/Puerta award, given by Diario Marca, for rebuffing the violence. For spurning violence in grassroots football and the example shown by them, the Abdallah Ben Barek Award goes to this team and all the players.

#SiempreFuerte Special Award        

Pepe Cobos 

Pepe Cobos is the founder of Bodega El Pimpi, born in 1971 and which over time has become the most traditional bodega in Málaga. It is now an institution in the city. As well as his entrepreneurial side, his human qualities also stand out. He has always helped people with limited resources. Two years ago, he created the Fundación El Pimpi, through which the Festival Soles de Málaga is organised, a great festival of solidarity helping many social entities. For his tenacity as a person to transform our society, and above all, boost solidarity, Pepe Cobos wins the #SiempreFuerte Special Award.       

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