The Annexe hosts MBC All Star Game

The end of a fruitful season for Málaga Club de Fútbol’s Business Club. La Rosaleda’s Annexe hosted the ‘MBC Match’, as the main event to mark the end of the 2016/17 campaign.


30/06/2017 12:49

The day before yesterday, the MCB commemorated the end of the season at La Rosaleda stadium’s facilities. Members of the Málaga Business Club headed to the pitch at the Annexe ground to celebrate the popular ‘All Star Game’, focusing on the usual training method of the first team, which combines fast-moving and intense matches, uniting competitiveness with a relaxed atmosphere.

A triangular competition between the members of the MBC, which ended with a ‘third half’, using cocktails as the excuse, to review the 2016/17 season, and begin to create synergies and networking ahead of the upcoming campaign.

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01/06/2020 17:38 | The MBC

Pont Grup, for Malaguista insurance

The insurance brokerage maintains a close relationship with the Club, embodied in the ‘Malaguista Policy’. Long-term member of The MBC and nearly five years in the dugout at La Rosaleda.

29/05/2020 18:00 | The MBC

Tesesa, a mainstay in Málaga CF’s history

The company dedicated to the design and manufacture of doors, wardrobes and floors is one of the Club’s most faithful members. Current main sponsor, and also during the 2007/08 season, they are pure Malagueños and renowned Malaguistas.