#ThanksFans for always standing up for us

Pinturas Andalucía has brought colour to our Malaguista legends in the week prior to Andalucía Day, a very Blue and White 28th February.


28/02/2018 16:55

In the days leading up to #AndalucíaDay, we’ve seen various Blue and White legends, Duda, Dely Valdés, Weligton, Antonio Benítez, Recio, Josemi and Basti thanking the Malaguista fans for all their support. 

Talking about... Duda, Weligton, Basti, Josemi, Antonio Benítez

17/06/2019 13:07 | Málaga CF Foundation

Champions of LaLiga Genuine!

The Fundación Málaga CF EDI team put the finishing touch to a dream season this past weekend in Valencia. The Blue and Whites team, champion of the 'Compañerismo' Group at its premiere at LaLiga Genuine.

11/06/2019 14:29 | Previous

Match preview: #DéporMálaga

Málaga CF is heading to Galicia to face RC Deportivo at Abanca-Riazor stadium tomorrow, Wednesday (21:00) in the first leg of the first promotion play-off tie to LaLiga Santander.

03/06/2019 13:24 | Report

Illustrious visits that leave their mark

Recently it’s not been unusual to see former Blue and White players visiting the team in training. Today at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium, the hero of the last ascent to First Division, Antonio Hidalgo stopped by.