#ThanksFans for always standing up for us

Pinturas Andalucía has brought colour to our Malaguista legends in the week prior to Andalucía Day, a very Blue and White 28th February.


28/02/2018 16:55

In the days leading up to #AndalucíaDay, we’ve seen various Blue and White legends, Duda, Dely Valdés, Weligton, Antonio Benítez, Recio, Josemi and Basti thanking the Malaguista fans for all their support. 

Talking about... Duda, Weligton, Basti, Josemi, Antonio Benítez, Dely Valdés

24/09/2018 22:27 | Málaga CF Foundation

“They’re very excited, and we’re delighted”

Member of the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’, together with Málaga CF first team player, Miguel Torres, spoke to MCFTV before the presentation of the Escuela de Fútbol de Discapacidad Intelectual (EDI): “They’re going to give back a lot of what they have to all of us”, said the defender.

24/09/2018 21:58 | Málaga CF Foundation

Gala presentation for the Málaga Genuine stars

Provincial government’s Edgar Neville Auditorium hosted the presentation of the squad from the ‘Escuela de Fútbol de Discapacidad Intelectual’ (EDI) with more than 350 people in attendance.

19/09/2018 16:48 | First team

The MCF Academy: A source of talent

Muñiz has utilised four reserve team players and one member of the ‘juvenil’ team so far, this 2018/19 season. During his previous stage at Málaga CF, 11 homegrown players made their debut.