#ThanksFans because the humble can also be giants

Pinturas Andalucía brings colour to our Malaguista legends. #ThanksFans for always standing up for us and being there.


27/02/2018 19:16

Malaguista, hit play and enjoy your idols with Pinturas Andalucía.

Talking about... Weligton

03/06/2019 13:24 | Report

Illustrious visits that leave their mark

Recently it’s not been unusual to see former Blue and White players visiting the team in training. Today at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium, the hero of the last ascent to First Division, Antonio Hidalgo stopped by.

11/05/2019 19:29 | Málaga CF Foundation

Genuine Champions

The Fundación MCF EDI and Newcastle United Foundation DS played one another this Saturday in the I ‘Supercapacita@s’ International Football Match, held at the UMA sports facilities.