Sweet end to the season 3-0

Victory for Málaga CF against CD Castellón with goals from Caye and Stefan - brace. A great end to a highly demanding season.


30/05/2021 23:26

The Blue and Whites faced this rival on the last LaLiga SmartBank game of the season without much at stake. La Rosaleda bid farewell to a complex season in terms of sport with a great result yet without the fans in the stands. A goodbye with the hope of a return to normality next season.

With Pellicer in the stands due to suspension, the team sought to get an early lead on the scoreboard. As time went on the match began to weigh on the Malaguistas’ legs, but they continued to approach the rival goal when the opportunity arose.

Finally, the goal arrived. Caye Quintana put the lads 1-0 up in 42’ after a triangulation inside the area. With great definition, the striker found the net after a false start by the rival keeper. With supreme elegance, the ball made it to the back of the net to the delight of the striker and his teammates. At half-time the Blue and Whites maintained their narrow lead.

During the break, the president and captain of Rincón Fertilidad women’s handball team Pepa Moreno and Sole López presented their recently won trophies that have placed the Málaga sport on the highest pedestal in the discipline.

In the second half the match continued in the same vein. The Blue and Whites dominated the pace of play and hijacked the ball. The halves were so alike that the locals went 2-0 up in 65’ with a very similar play to the first. On this occasion it was Stefan who got the goal, but the choreography was almost identical. Another triangulation on the edge of the area ended with a finish from the striker after a mistaken exit by the rival goalkeeper.

Shortly before the final whistle, in 86’, Stefan scored a brace. The striker, with class, lightly touched the ball that made it into the goal, it what was an unattainable shot for the keeper (3-0).

The scoreboard remained the same for the remainder of play, bringing an end to a lengthy season.

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23/10/2021 22:31 | Report

Irrefutable victory (1-0)

Victory for Málaga CF against CD Lugo, at La Rosaleda, on matchday 12 of LaLiga SmartBank. A stunning goal from Genaro in the first half gave a well-deserved win to the Malaguistas.

MCF / J42 LaLiga SmartBank

3-0 Go Live
  • Dani Barrio
  • Matos
  • Ismael Casas
  • Juan de Dios Rivas (79')
  • David Lombán
  • Jairo (62')
  • Yanis (75')
  • Cristian Rodríguez
  • Jozabed
  • Luis Muñoz
  • Caye Quintana (62')


  • Bilal Ouacharaf
  • Cristian Delgado
  • Ángel Recio
  • Šćepović (63')
  • Joaquín Muñoz (63')
  • Haitam Abaida (76')
  • Cristo Romero
  • Juan Soriano
  • Karl Strindholm
  • Roberto Fernández
  • Andrés Caro (80')
  • Mohamed Benkhemassa
  • Álvaro Campos
  • Carlos Delgado (66')
  • Iago Indias (45')
  • Satrústegui
  • Moyano
  • Arturo Molina
  • Carles Salvador
  • Yann Bodiger (75')
  • Koke (66')
  • Juanto (75')
  • César Díaz


  • Marc Castells (76')
  • Aarón Romero (67')
  • Señé (67')
  • David Cubillas (76')
  • Adrián Lapeña (45')
  • Felipe Galvis
  • Joseba Muguruza


La Rosaleda


  • 1-0 (42'). Caye Quintana
  • 2-0 (65'). Šćepović
  • 3-0 (86'). Šćepović


José Antonio López Toca awarded Señé (84') from CD Castellón.