Superb victory in Tenerife (0-2)

A win away from home for Málaga CF at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López with goals from Vadillo (8’) and Febas (48’).


15/05/2022 23:52

MCF and ‘Tete’ locked horns on matchday 40 of LaLiga SmartBank on Sunday evening at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. Over a hundred Blue and White fans gathered at the stadium to cheer on their team.

In terms of gameplay, the visitors got off to a strong start, seeking to dominate the match from the outset, and they succeeded. Pablo Guede’s men were the stars of the main dangerous occasions in the first half.

After eight minutes, Álvaro Vadillo opened the scoring, putting his team in the lead with a majestic header into goal. The shot, at the far post, slipped into the back of the net following an accurate Ismael cross from the right. A stunning goal (0-1, min8).

The goal didn’t satisfy the Blue and Whites’ hunger, and they narrowly missed out going 0-2 up after three minutes. Brandon’s attempt, again with a header following a pass from the left, hit the crossbar.

The efficient Malaguista defence barely allowed the home side any options. The most dangerous, a shot in the heart of the area just before half-time was masterfully saved by Dani Martín. Finally, after the first 45 minutes of regulation time plus four added minutes, the scoreboard remained at 0-1 at half-time.

The second half kicked-off in the same way as the first. The Malaguistas went out with intensity and courage, with a clear attacking character.

It didn’t take long for Guede’s men to increase their advantage. Captain Luis Muñoz initiated an extraordinary play that ended in a one-on-one with the rival keeper. He managed to clear the attempt, but Febas recovered the rebound to send the ball to the back of the net (0-2 min48). 

The Blue and White attack continued, and they almost made it 0-3 in 56’. Again, the near post came between a great shot by Ismael and the goal.

Tenerife sought to narrow the gap, but the robust Malaguista defence impeded the local attempts.

Dani Martín once again showed his great skills in goal with two stunning saves in 63’ and 89’, allowing the lads to keep a clean sheet until the end. Three points are coming back with the Blue and Whites, who next Saturday will host Burgos CF at La Rosaleda. 

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21/05/2022 22:15 | Report

Defeat at home and continuity in the division (0-1)

Málaga CF lost out to Burgos CF at La Rosaleda on matchday 41 of LaLiga SmartBank. A goal from Miguel Rubio in 41’ led Calero’s team to victory against the Blue and Whites who will remain in the silver division as their direct rivals also lost.

16/05/2022 13:06 | First team

Tenerife, kilometre 40

Pablo Adrián Guede’s Málaga achieved a crucial win yesterday at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López to edge closer to continuity for another season in LaLiga SmartBank.

MCF / J40 LaLiga SmartBank

0-2 Go Live
  • Dani H.
  • Carlos Ruiz (81')
  • José León
  • Mellot (56')
  • Pomares
  • Álex Corredera
  • Aitor Sanz (56')
  • Victor Mollejo
  • Elady (56')
  • Enric Gallego
  • Mario González (45')


  • Víctor Méndez
  • Shaq Moore (57')
  • Míchel (57')
  • Alejandro Medina
  • David Rodríguez Ramos
  • Sergio González (82')
  • Andrés Martín (45')
  • Álex Bermejo
  • Rubén Díez
  • Nikola Sipcic
  • Nahuel (57')
  • Dani Martín
  • Víctor Olmo (45')
  • Peybernes
  • Escassi
  • Ismael Casas
  • Daniel Lorenzo (85')
  • Luis Muñoz (62')
  • Genaro
  • Febas (85')
  • Brandon
  • Vadillo (78')


  • Roberto Fernández
  • Braian Cufré (45')
  • Paulino De la Fuente (63')
  • Jairo
  • Andrés Caro
  • Víctor Gómez (86')
  • Pablo Chavarria (78')
  • Loren Zúñiga
  • Ramón Enríquez
  • Dani Barrio
  • David Lombán (86')
  • Sekou


Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López (14.636 spectators)


  • 0-1 (8'). Vadillo
  • 0-2 (48'). Febas


Eduardo Prieto Iglesias awarded Aitor Sanz (37'), Enric Gallego (71'), Míchel (85'), Pomares (86') from CD Tenerife y Víctor Olmo (31'), Peybernes (57'), Pablo Chavarria (85'), Brandon (94') from Málaga CF.