Superb goal by Ramón secures three points from Castalia (0-1)

Victory for Málaga CF against CD Castellón with an impressive goal from the homegrown player. The only goal of the game sealed the win.


19/09/2020 20:23

The Blue and Whites and ‘Albinegros’ locked horns this Saturday at the Nou Castalia on matchday 2 of LaLiga SmartBank. The Malaguistas visited this rival for the first time in 13 years, the last time being 16th September 2007 when the visitors won by 2-3.

In terms of gameplay, Málaga and Castellón maintained a good pace from the outset. Both sides attempted to dominate control of the ball in the wide area, without forgetting their objective in front of goal.

Midway through the first half, Ramón surprised the few people at the ground and the many viewers with an amazing goal. From the left side, almost without an angle, he propelled a cross-shot with the edge of his right foot into the back of the net. The Malaguista dugout jumped with joy and on the pitch the homegrown player made the most of his celebration (0-1, minute 18). Following various attempts by both teams, the scoreboard remained the same at half-time.

The second half continued with the same script as the first. Equality in midfield and continued presence of the ball in both areas. Escassi shocked the rival defence with a shot in front of goal in 66’, however the keeper deflected the ball with a degree of difficulty. The clearance landed at Yanis’ feet who sent a powerful cross on the half turn. Unfortunately, Caye Quintana didn’t manage to finish the pass to increase the visitors’ lead. The home side went all out in search of a tie, which was prevented by Dani Barrio with a superb save in 97’ from a Gus Ledes shot in front of the target.

In the end, the beautiful goal from Ramón was the only one to make the scoreboard, allowing Pellicer’s men to claim three points following the first two games in LaLiga SmartBank.

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17/05/2021 20:48 | Report

Superb local goal tips the balance (1-0)

Defeat for Málaga CF against Real Oviedo away from home on matchday 39 of LaLiga SmartBank. A great goal from Lucas in the second half tipped the balance of play during what was a very even game.

MCF / J2 LaLiga SmartBank

0-1 Go Live
  • Whalley
  • Adrián Lapeña
  • Joseba Muguruza
  • Gálvez
  • Satrústegui (70')
  • M. Mateu
  • Carles Salvador (70')
  • Jorge Fernández
  • Señé (77')
  • Rubén Díez (58')
  • Juanto (78')


  • Paolo Fernandes
  • Jordi (59')
  • Guillem Jaime
  • David Cubillas
  • Jesús Carrillo
  • Carlos Delgado
  • César Díaz (78')
  • Álvaro Fidalgo (79')
  • Víctor García (71')
  • Felipe Galvis
  • Gus Ledes (71')
  • Iago Indias
  • Dani Barrio
  • Escassi
  • Ismael Casas (88')
  • Juan de Dios Rivas
  • Matos
  • Cristian Rodríguez
  • Iván Calero
  • Ramón Enríquez
  • Mohamed Benkhemassa (56')
  • Yanis (88')
  • Caye Quintana (80')


  • Luis H.
  • Alejandro Benitez
  • Mini
  • David Lombán
  • Issa Fomba
  • Orlando Sá (81')
  • David Larrubia
  • Jesus Hoyos
  • Hicham (89')
  • Boulhourd (57')
  • Gonzalo Cretazz
  • Rolón (89')


Nou Castalia


  • 0-1 (18'). Ramón Enríquez


Rafael Sánchez López awarded Señé (54'), Adrián Lapeña (64'), Joseba Muguruza (76') from CD Castellón y Mohamed Benkhemassa (39'), Matos (43'), Escassi (55'), Iván Calero (73'), Caye Quintana (79'), Juan de Dios Rivas (83'), Dani Barrio (85') from Málaga CF.