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Strategy and finishing exercises under an intense heat

Winger, Iván Alejo was part of normal training with his teammates today. Juankar, with a strain to the left adductor, trained in the gym.

The final preparatory session for Víctor Sánchez del Amo’s men before travelling this afternoon for concentration ahead of tomorrow’s match (20:00) against Albacete Balompié at the Carlos Belmonte stadium.

The team got off to a punctual start on the pitch at the Ciudad de Málaga this morning to begin the session with a different warm-up. A mini-match on a reduced-sized pitch with fitball (giant training ball) as well as various activation exercises. Subsequently the players focused on strategy and tactics.

Winger, Iván Alejo re-joined the group together with his teammates, having overcome his gastrointestinal process. Meanwhile, Juankar exercised in the gym due to a strain to the adductor in his left leg. Erik Morán continued with his recovery and trained on the pitch under the instruction of physical trainer, Manu Gestoso. Brezancic underwent continuous running, whilst Seleznov remained in the gym.

Homegrown player Hicham trained under the orders of Víctor Sánchez del Amo in today’s session as usual, along with Keidi, Iván Rodríguez and Harper.

The Malaguista squad will depart this afternoon for concentration ahead of Sunday’s match against Albacete.