Sport is Vithas IV

The Club’s health provider brings us its fourth and last piece of advice to optimise sports performance while looking after our health. This time around it’s about the technique of exercise execution.


10/06/2021 14:08

Prior physical preparation in sport and the tactics used in each exercise, such as undertaking them correctly using the proper technique in order to prevent injuries, is crucial.

As well as sprains, muscular injuries and other frequent ailments, there are many other sports-specific injuries that can be avoided by working with the optimal movement technique, to circumvent any type of discomfort.

Technique prevents injury

Each sport is different and it’s vital to know how to position the body when carrying out the activity. This is key to avoiding injury, both in the short and long term. There are ailments inherent to certain sports (not exclusively) that can be avoided with a good development of technique, such as ‘tennis elbow’, ‘runner's knee’ or ‘pitcher's shoulder’.

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