Spain’s Under-15s call-up José Fernández

The Malaguista youth ranks are again featured in Spain’s lower categories. José Fernández Cortés, from the Blue and White ‘cadetes’, has been called-up for the U-15 Albir Tournament.


24/11/2021 20:15

The MCF Academy continues to nurture the national team with promising young players. On this occasion, ‘cadete’ José Fernández Cortés has been summoned by David Gordo's Spanish Under-15 side.

José is a Málaga-born striker who plays with the Cadete ‘A’ team in División de Honor, coached by former Malaguista goalkeeper, Iñaki Goitia.

The player will join his national squad teammates in concentration on Monday 29th November at Albir Garden Resort & Sports (Alfaz del Pí, Alicante) until 7th December.

The Albir Tournament will pit Spain against the Under-15 squads from Poland (Thursday 2nd), Ireland (Sunday 5th) and Mexico (Thursday 7th).


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MCF Academy match results

Malagueño are in third place after defeating Huétor Vega (1-2), whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ beat Calavera at the Federación (2-0). Femenino were victorious in Cádiz with an epic goal in 94’ (1-0).

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MCF Academy match kick-off times

Malagueño will be seeking an away win against Huétor Vega, whilst the Juvenil ‘A’ will host Calavera at the Federación. An exciting Málaga-Cádiz clash is taking place in Primera Nacional Femenina.