Solidarity to the core

The MCF Foundation and Weligton organised a charity match in which the boys and girls from the AVOI Association were the stars of the show.


21/06/2018 14:29

A lovely day was had by all yesterday at El Romeral football ground. With AVOI (Association of Volunteers for Children’s Oncology) as the guest of honour, a group of boys and girls from the association enjoyed a very special match with Weligton and Basti as masters of ceremonies. A Málaga-born First Division referee, Mario Melero López was also present to officiate the friendly game.

The ‘kids’, dressed in Blue and White Málaga CF strips, had a wonderful time in their two teams with Basti and Weligton lacing up their boots again. “It’s great to spend time with the children from AVOI, with Weligton and Mario here to lend a hand”, said Basti to MCFTV. “Some of them asked me for VAR”, said Melero, whilst ‘Weli’ added that “it’s a pleasure to share a special afternoon with these kids”.

The event was moved to Weligton’s ‘Boca Llena’ restaurant, where everyone enjoyed a snack whilst watching Spain’s triumph against Iran in the Russia World Cup. It was the epilogue of an event in which, thanks to sport, it’s easier to overcome life’s adversities.

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Málaga CF Femenino reserve team player, Andrea Ríos, and Málaga Genuine players, Carlos Zaragoza and Héctor Hurtado enjoyed a day together with the children at Colegio Ciudad de los Niños.