Six new faces in the 23-player squad list for #AlmeríaMálaga

Escassi, Jairo, Chavarría, Benkhemassa, Hicham and Strindholm are all featured in the list of called-up players for the matchday 18 fixture.


12/12/2020 13:05

The squad list consists of: Juan Soriano, Mejías, Lombán, Cristian, Luis Muñoz, Orlando Sá, Jairo, Joaquín Muñoz, Chavarría, Dani Barrio, Matos, Caye, Iván Calero, Escassi, Benkhemassa, Ismael, Ramón, Hicham, Quintana, Cristo, David Larrubia, Strindholm and Juan Cruz.

The new additions this week are Escassi, Jairo, Chavarría and Benkhemassa, who have overcome their physical problems and are reintegrated into the group; Hicham who is now back to full fitness following two weeks of gradual reincorporation; and homegrown goalkeeper Strindholm.

In regard to the previous squad list, Jozabed is out through injury; Yanis Rahmani due to his contract; as well as reserve team members Benítez, Julio, Mini and Kevin. Juande, who is still not fit, is also not on the list.

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02/03/2021 15:12 | Medical report

Chavarría medical report

The Blue and White striker sustained injury yesterday during #MirandésMálaga and suffers a tear to the cruciate ligament in his left knee.