Sanamar, a committed Malaguista

The company specialising in the production of frozen foods signs as a Blue and White sponsor and, in addition, is one of the main sponsors of Málaga Genuine within the MCF Foundation.


03/12/2019 17:50

Sanamar is Malaguista and likes to boast about it. It’s easy to see references to Málaga and everything about the team in their active social media presence. The Málaga frozen food firm is a benchmark in the sector, central to our city, where the high hospitality activity makes Sanamar a standout element within the business fabric of the Costa del Sol.

They are Blue and White to the core. As well as being Club sponsors, they are also benefactors of the MCF Foundation’s ‘Supercapacita@s’ School, with their logo featuring on the Málaga Genuine official team shorts.

Thank you Sanamar for your commitment to Malaguismo.

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