Ruiz Guerra named as new adviser

José Antonio Ruiz Guerra joins the Blue and White entity as adviser to Málaga Club de Fútbol.


04/08/2022 16:36

MCF’s organisational structure is strengthened by a historic Malagueño manager and a fervent Malaguista. Ruiz Guerra's relationship with the Club began after CD Málaga became the city’s first team.

Under the Atlético Malagueño name (1992-94), in the 93/94 season, José Antonio took the reins from Antonio Domínguez, as president of the Blue and White Club that competed in the bronze division.

In 1994, the Club began a new era as a Sports Limited Company under the name of Málaga Club de Fútbol, now more than 28 years old. From the 94/95 season, until the 06/05 campaign, Ruiz Guerra was integrated into the directives of the presidents Federico Beltrán, Fernando Puche and Serafín Roldán.

His institutional experience, sporting vision, wisdom and leadership are now at the service of the Entity, as an adviser, together with Abdullah Ben Barek and Francisco Martín Aguilar (Protocol and Institutional Relations adviser).

A feeling of belonging and love of one's own, characteristics more than rooted in José Antonio Ruiz Guerra. Welcome home, José Antonio.

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