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Press conference

Ricca: “The team shows commitment in all aspects”

The Malaguista captain attended to the media that covered the premiere of the fifth season of ‘Blue and White Values’ at CEIP Rosa de Gálvez. “The fact everyone is really enthusiastic is great”, he says.

Last and next match

“It was important to win at home the other day, and we did it. Now our objective is to win the three points from the next match. We’re aware we have two away games on the trot, so we’ll try to face this first one in the best way possible to score all three points”.

Pumped up

“The commitment of the entire team, both those who have played more and those who have played less, speaks well of the squad. Everyone is really enthusiastic. You can see it in every training session, everyone contributes everything they’ve got to the team”.

CA Osasuna

“Being a short week, we’re focusing on what’s to come rather than what’s happened. We’re up against a very intense rival, very physical, it’s not going to be easy. Nobody gives anything away and we’ll need to perform at a very good level to achieve victory. Our objective in every match is to score the three points. We’ll go there knowing the difficulty of the game, with the maximum enthusiasm, and try to play the best match we can”.


“The team has shown great commitment in all aspects. It’s seen in every training session, day to day and in every match. The fact everyone is really enthusiastic is great”.

Blanco Leschuk

“He’s a superb player and a great person. I’m delighted for him and for the team, that’s he’s helping us with his goals. He does many other things well, which often you don’t see, but he helps the team a great deal”.

Blue and White Values

“It’s always important to support this initiative that the Club has been undertaking for a number of years. I believe it’s fundamental to try and convey these values to young children. When you are called upon it’s important to always try to come and support and transmit these values to the young ones”.