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Press conference

Ricca: "We have to score three out of three"

The captain and Malaguista goal-scorer in Soria, Fede Ricca appeared in the mixed zone following the match against Numancia. “We’ve added another point to the pot, but we want all three”, he stated.

Analysis of the tie

“We wanted to score all three points, but it wasn’t to be. We must win three as soon as possible, today was a good opportunity, and in the second half we went out there the way in which we needed to go out”.

More pressure in the second half

“We lacked a little intensity in the first half. In the second half we piled more pressure on upfront and were able to go level. Following the tie, we had our chances, the match went back and forth”.

Increased pressure with another striker

“With another forward it’s easier in the attacking half. We’ve added another point to the pot, but it’s not what we wanted, we wanted all three”.

Message to fans and the goal

“We hope they continue to trust in us as we’re going to give our all from here until the end to fulfil the objective we want (…) The corner was given very well by Renato and I headed it in”.