Renato Santos: “It’s time to suffer to be on top form for the matches”

The Malaguista winger attended to the media before the start of the pre-season stage in Estepona: “We’re focused on what’s to come”.


17/07/2019 17:59


“The team is fine, eager to start and now we’re in concentration we’re focused on doing our best and doing what the coach asks of us in order to be on top form for the matches”.


“Now it’s going to be tough, it’s better to suffer now and later be on form for the games. It’s normal”.

Víctor SDA

“I think he’s done a good job, so it’s normal that he’s staying on. We’re pleased about that”.

Reserve team

“The reserve team boys have quality. Some have already debuted and they’re coming to help”.


“I’m keen to be well and physically prepare myself in the best way”.

Present and future

“We’ve had time to let go of the past. Now we’re focused on next season and what’s to come”.


“The fans’ response was very good. Nobody expected it. It was a great feeling for us as we were going through a bad time then for not achieving what we wanted. The support has been great”.

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