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Press conference

Recio: “We’re looking forward to maintaining the positive dynamic”

The homegrown midfielder attended to the sports media at the CAMDE centre at Inacua. “This will be my eighth season here and I can’t wait to get started”, affirmed Recio in the press conference.


“Today is about welcoming new teammates and everyone who’s moved up the ranks. We’ve had the physical tests, and as from tomorrow the coach will talk to each player to tell us what he wants from us”.


“This will be my eighth season here, time passes by quickly, it’s a lot of years. I can’t wait to get started, and use this experience I’ve gained over the years. I’m looking forward to seeing the young players moving up to the first team, and will try to make sure they feel comfortable and at ease”.


“We’ve signed new players, and almost all of them have played in the First Division; they know it, and that’s important. Now I must look at them as teammates, and the first impression is very good. We’re a good group and always make things easy for the new players”.


“We’re looking forward to maintaining the same dynamic we had with the coach at the end of last season; it was extremely positive and something we want to reflect this season. I hope we can continue along the same line and kick off LaLiga in the best way”.

Personal performance

“From the first moment, the coach gave me confidence. He knew I was a player with approach, and I was fortunate to score various goals at the end of the season. I hope this year the injuries respect me and I can be part of the team and play many matches”.

Homegrown players

“My first ever pre-season was eight or nine years ago. They are special times as it’s a step to being part of the first team. I knew it’d be tough, but I was so excited. Málaga’s youth ranks are superb, and hopefully over the next few years we’ll see more players moving up, which is great”.