Playing at Home in good taste thanks to MayluKa

This company specialises in comprehensive home and business design. Leave them the key to your home and you’ll return to a completely new space.


01/03/2021 09:20

When Playing at Home, it’s essential that you feel comfortable. This is where Mayluka comes in. A point of reference in the sector, this Malagueña and very Malaguista brand will transform your space into your own idyllic paradise.

They take care of everything. From the initial project to searching for the best materials and labour. The moment you arrive at their facilities in C/Atenas (Polígono San Luis), the personal, professional service will make you feel at home.

In addition, Mayluka is the home of all Malaguistas. Blue and White season ticket holders will enjoy a 10% discount on interior doors, cabinets and kitchens, and 20% off tiles, toilets and taps.

Thank you Mayluka for making Playing at Home more comfortable!

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