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Press conference

Pellicer: “It’s an energy boost for everyone”

The Málaga CF coach evaluated the victory against UD Ibiza at La Rosaleda. “It is a very fruitful test for what may come; this was a great game,” he said.

A very important match

It is a very fruitful test for what may come, due to the entity of the rival. We saw a spectacular match between two teams that are going to fight for everything, a boxing match with an exchange of blows. I’m happy for the players and the fans. We didn't get off to a good start, they were superior on our left wing. We made some adjustments at half-time, with Dioni, Ferreiro and Dani Lorenzo occupying the same spaces. In the second half we changed things up and the goal play was generated by a Kevin transition. After the goal we played upfront and did what we wanted, it was a very complete game. It’s a rehearsal for everything that may come, fruitful. Congratulations to the lads and many thanks to the fans, because it’s an energy boost for everyone.”

Team is improving

“I remember the Melilla week. These are things that you have to know how to manage well. The best is yet to come, because the players are competing better and individually for the good of the team, they are becoming increasingly connected. I see things every day that make me fight for everything. I hope that this week they talk about the good work of the players, you have to have humility. We have achieved victory against a rival with whom we have taken a weight off our shoulders. It was a high voltage match. Tomorrow we’ll train at 12 to prepare for the next game, but today they can enjoy what they’ve earned.”

Everyone does their bit

“We need to recover all the players. We have to manage the situation in the best way we can. Today Moussa, who was imperial in Alcoi, wasn’t in action from the start as we had to remove a centre back to play with wingers. It’s difficult to train and knowing how to value what it means to play in the starting-11 for Málaga is important. Kevin has earned it this week in training and the context of the game, attracting one side and bringing the opposite side to make a one on one. Within spaces he has a lot of power and eliminates rivals. I'm happy for him and for everyone, as they make it difficult for me. Juanpe performed well, Manu Molina had a slight discomfort in his adductor. I am very happy with the entire group, how they are handling it.”

Hard work is the way forward

“In every training session and every match you have to give your all, and you have to be prepared. We made a change with respect to the previous game and there may be changes in the next one as well. We believe a lot in the depth of the squad, I don't believe in heroes. You have to make the most of your fitness levels. I’m very happy with David Larrubia, who comes in and contributes to the team. He raises the bar and it's the best-case scenario. When you win everything goes very well, but you always have to be on alert. The way forward is based on hard work and effort.”

Amazing fans

“A very important and beautiful atmosphere is being generated at La Rosaleda, more so than in the First Division. This gives us a lot of responsibility, the energy of the young lads is being conveyed, it’s our drive. Many children feel identified, such a wave of support has never been seen before. There’s a long way to go, that boost of energy is given to us by the fans. It was a great game, but the most beautiful and essential thing is yet to come. It’s difficult to know how to manage it in young people, we are learning how to do it and they are understanding.”