Press conference

Pellicer: “I apologise to the fans who came here”

The Málaga CF coach held a press conference after the match against UD Melilla. “The second half was inexplicable; there are 15 games left and there is room to improve,” he said.

#MelillaMálaga review

“There were two totally different halves. In the first, the team got off to a good start, knowing the difficulty of the pitch. It was controlled, we created chances, yet we lacked a little speed. The second half was to give differential speed, yet it was the opposite. After the first action in transition they created danger for us, took the lead, went ahead and we became smaller. The second half was inexplicable, we didn’t stick to our game plan. We have to overcome the rival, the adversities and the protests. I apologise to the fans who came here, we must know how to manage this second half so that it serves as an experience. There will be many matches where we’ll be on the limit and we have to know how to manage it. It was the worst second half of the entire season.”


“The players are the ones who are there, and they do their best, my message didn’t reach them at half-time. We need to return to our best version, we lacked continuity. In the first half we saw a team that played in the rival half, with set pieces, changes of direction, and the transitions of Ferreiro and Jokin. You have to have empathy with a rival who is in a tough position and playing at home. Their action in the second half led us to make bad decisions, I am the most responsible. The protagonists are the players and when we lose, it is the coach. Today we didn’t help them, the second half was inexplicable. In the first half we were good, we have to be busy after the one-on-one action. Beyond that it was like another match altogether. They pushed, we lost individual duels, they piled the pressure on with their energy. We depended on the ball, my message didn’t hit home, which is why I am the most responsible.”

Difficult context

“The pitch is no excuse, 26 years ago I came as a player and we also lost. We have to know how to adjust and acclimatise to any match context. We disconnected, we have to be above referee decisions and rival fouls and fight for what we want. The second half was inexplicable, we went all out and didn’t improve on the first half. We gave them wings, they were more comfortable, taking risks. In each action and space they competed well in the second half, in the first half we did, yet we needed to finish. We have to have a lot of continuity and I am the most responsible.”

UD Melilla

“If they play with that impetus and risk, they will be a very difficult opponent at their stadium.”


“We have to rise above refereeing decisions, whether you think they go against you or are in our favour. To win we have to be better than the rival, because the shield is heavy. There are 15 games remaining, what happened today could have happened before. There is room for improvement. We have to reflect and analyse many things.”