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Pellicer: “It’s the most rounded match we’ve played”

The Malaguista coach appeared before the media following the victory against Antequera CF: “We must congratulate Antequera and our fans,” he stated.

A great match

“What our rivals do doesn't matter to us. It has to be like this, this is a very long competition. Of course, the results of others help, but we have to do our own thing. The rival was in a very positive dynamic due to the way they played, their bravery, how they approach the games, and I think they played what Málaga CF wanted against a great rival. You have to give Antequera a lot of credit for everything they’re doing. We have to assess the match, it’s the most rounded match we’ve played. I'm leaving very happy, especially for the players. We have some injuries, and it’s a week in which we have to seek everyone's commitment.”


“We have to remain humble. When a team does a job well, they have a week with great media attention, everyone speaks so highly of you, the coaches and the players... Not just here, everywhere. We must not lose humility. If we think that by winning here against a great team, we have a done deal against Córdoba, they’ll beat us. We must have a great deal of humility.”

Great atmosphere amongst fans

“It was an act of sportsmanship. Each fan cheered on their team with respect, with the values of sport. We should celebrate the twinning that we saw between brothers from the province. We must congratulate Antequera and our fans.”

Clean sheet

“This is the key. On an attacking level, except for the game against Castilla when we lacked precision, we always generated scoring chances. Yet the match where we generated the least was against Linares. We are having bad luck with set pieces, but the key for us is to keep a clean sheet. From there, grow. Today Kevin and Genaro scored, second line players which is what we demand. We can’t live off one or two players.” 

Antequera, an extraordinary rival

“Antequera is the only team that didn’t change when playing against us. A very clear, very daring proposal. They had few chances, possibly today is the game where Antequera created the fewest opportunities. And that doesn't speak badly of Antequera, it speaks very well of us.”