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Pellegrini: “We need to be self-critical”

Málaga CF coach, Manuel Pellegrini, held a press conference at La Rosaleda, following the match against Real Sociedad.

Statements by Pellegrini
“We’ve let six points slip away in the last two home games.  We’ve not performed well in the last two matches here, and lacked creativity and confidence on the pitch, which has led to problems in defence.  We’re all very keen and full of motivation, but we haven’t played well enough in these home games.”
“We need to analyse the match properly, and be as self-critical as we need to be in order to find out what’s been going wrong, so that we can rectify it as soon as possible.”
“To lose once is unlucky, but not when it happens again.  We need to focus on new tactics to ensure our defence isn’t vulnerable.  We played better tonight than we did against Rayo however, and in the second half I honestly thought we’d win, until they scored again.”