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Pellegrini: “We gave away advantages to very important forwards”

The Málaga Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, spoke to the media after the Málaga – Real Madrid match in the press room at La Rosaleda.

Pellegrini’s statements

(Match resumé). “When they get three then four goals on you, you can’t not be worried about the defenseive work.  We gave away advantages to very important forwards, and even though we did well with the fight back against Madrid, the bad thing was the goal area and that cost us the game.”

(The key first goal). “The style that we’re looking for isn’t going to change in front of any rival.  They got a good goal by ‘that much’ and we regret that goal, but we aim, as a team, not to have any doubt.  I left unhappy with Málaga’s match, but in relation to the play one’s trying to implement, I walked away feeling easier.

(Names). “Alonso? He’s a great player, he’s the mastermind of the midfield and has a consistent performance.  Apoño? Good, he played a good game.  The midfield worked well.  Van Nistelrooy? We’ve got three matches in a week and Ruud we’ve got to keep him, today we estimated that we would need another option in attack.”