Parents go back to school

The LaLiga Foundation, together with Aficiones Unidas, offered a training workshop to the parents of MCF Academy players, with the aim of preventing violence in formative football


12/02/2018 19:17

This Monday afternoon, the ‘Juan Cortés’ press room at La Rosaleda stadium, hosted an informative talk within the ‘School of Parents’ campaign, sponsored by LaLiga and Aficiones Unidas, to lay the foundations of a series of codes of conduct and behaviour on behalf of the parents of young talent within the youth ranks of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1|2|3.

The objective is to inform the families of players of the importance of sport as an educational tool, and of conveying fundamental values in the development of the young players, as well as the relevance of parents as role models for their children.

During the training workshop, Javier Torres Gómez (former Real Valladolid CF player) and David Rincón (sports psychologist), in charge of leading the session, explained to the parents about the feelings and sentiments a young player goes through when stepping on to the field of play and taking part in a match. The session also reflected on the values and principles that children and young people acquire from within their families, as well as the ability of sport and the role it plays in conveying these values. Málaga CF Club adviser, Abdullah Ben Barek, and Santiago Rivera, MCF Academy psychologist, also accompanied the parents during the training workshop.

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