Pacheco: “The pre-season is for recharging our batteries”

The Blue and White midfielder spoke to the media following the friendly against Algeciras CF: “We’ve been working hard over the past 10 days and will continue to do so in order to be physically fit”, he affirmed.


26/07/2019 23:55


“We’re doing well, getting a feel for things. We’ve been working hard over the past 10 days in Estepona. Now it’s about more work, getting fit and continuing to gain sensations”.

Intense pre-season training

“We’ve had two tough weeks, working morning and afternoon, as it should be. The coach likes the idea of having the ball which perhaps surprised us a little as we thought it would be a bit softer over the pre-season, but that’s not the case. It’s great for me, I’m very happy”.

On a personal level

“Happy, I couldn’t wait for the pre-season to start as it suits me well to leave behind the previous discomfort and get on with it. I’m very pleased”.


“Feeling good, not having any injuries and for everything to go well so I can give the best of myself. That’s what I’m hoping for. On a collective level, we must wait for the transfer window to close, see who’s here and get off to a strong start”.

Good atmosphere

“I think it’s great. We’re used to these situations, maybe not so much in terms of speed to prepare the team, but I believe the group is responding well, there’s an amazing atmosphere, we’re working very well. This will make it easier for those who go and new players who arrive, as the group is strong and that won’t alter”.

Homegrown players

“There are players who are training very well and who are extremely eager to learn, to improve. They helped me, so it’s important to help those who I can see are keen to want more”.

Sow the seeds now to reap the rewards during the year

“The pre-season is for recharging our batteries, to build our strength so we can last all season, which is very long”.

15.000 season ticket holders

“I’m from here, I knew this would happen. Regardless of the category, the fans respond to the Club’s situation, which is something that will make us even stronger”.

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