Pacheco: “I’ll give my all to fight for everything”

Malaguista, Dani Pacheco, who returned to the starting-11 two months since his last match, appeared in the mixed zone: “The result helps to engage the people”.


24/05/2019 23:54

Good game

“We needed the three points. The match wasn’t going our way, but the team came out with a good attitude in the second half. We’re happy”.

Engaging victory

“The result helps to engage people and also keeps us a little calmer to be able to play the football that we’ve been playing. We should be happy with this win”.


“When the team starts off well, then we trail behind on the scoreboard, that’s when the fans really drive us forward. They know where we’re at. We need them all and their support, as always”.


“It’s not easy. It’s an injury that has recurred several times, that wasn’t treated properly. It had never happened to me in my career. There have been some tough times, but now it looks as though it’s going well. Now I need to train hard”.


“Hopefully that will be the case. I’m going to try and help as much as possible. Between us all, we must all do our bit, from the inside, the dugout, off the pitch, or wherever. It seems as though we’re on track with the play-offs. We’re going to fight for everything”.

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