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Press conference

Pacheco: “I can’t wait to wear this shirt”

The new signing was officially presented in his birthplace of Pizarra, “the best place where Málaga could hold my presentation” says Dani Pacheco.

Showcasing his new number ‘22’ jersey, Pacheco held a press conference in the plenary hall of the old Pizarra Town Hall, accompanied by José Luis Pérez Caminero. “We’re talking about the player that we wanted him to be from the beginning, and luckily he knows a lot about this category” says the Club’s sports director.

Press conference | Dani Pacheco


“I couldn’t be happier. Since I left this is the first real chance I’ve had to return. It hasn’t been easy, it took several days, but I’m grateful for the effort and confidence the Club has placed in me. The talks weren’t brief, but we’re where we want to be. I wanted to be here, and I’m delighted”.

Ready to debut

“I’m available to the coach. Over the past few weeks I haven’t been able to train in conditions, but I’m ready for when the coach believes I should play, and I cannot wait”.


“I’ve been fortunate to enjoy promotion three times with tree different clubs. It’s very tough, but of course if we were to achieve it here it would be extra special, at my home, with the people who love me and where I started out”.


“I’ve matured, I’ve grown, I’ve been to many places which has helped me to grow as a person and a footballer. I’m more mature, with clearer ideas and now with the added joy of being able to defend the Málaga colours”.

New shirt

“I’ve not had the opportunity to wear it. I’m from here and you feel something different, something you can’t compare. It comes from inside, I can’t wait to wear this shirt and be able to help the team”.


“I truly appreciate everyone coming here. It’s the best place where Málaga could hold my presentation, I’m delighted and will remember it forever”.

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