Ontiveros, MVPMASKOM of the 18-19 season

The Malaguista winger, who collected the award in one of the Maskom stores, thanked the fans for their unconditional support over the season: “The MVP is for the entire team”.


18/06/2019 14:12

Javier Ontiveros prevailed in the final round of voting by Blue and White fans as MVP of the 2018-19 season. The winger, trained in the MCF Academy, was named Man of the Match on four occasions (against Nástic, Tenerife, Oviedo and Mallorca), as was his teammate, Blanco Leschuk (Córdoba, Numancia, Sporting and Zaragoza). In the final tie-breaker fans went in favour of Ontiveros thanks to his spectacular end to the season.

‘Onti’ scored five goals and gave four assists in the 34 matches he played this season, including the play-offs and one Copa del Rey. His stunning goal in the first leg of the play-off against RC Deportivo, and others against Albacete, Oviedo and two against Alcorcón were certainly goals to remember. Fantastic performances that led to the MVP title of the season.

“I want to thank fans for naming me the player of the season. This award is for the entire team. In the end we didn’t manage to get to the next round, but we gave our all on the pitch, as did the fans who are always with us during the good and bad times”, said the Marbella-born winger as he collected his award from the new MASKOM supermarket in Benalmádena (calle Sidra, 21) and well as a basket of BIO products from MASKOM Supermercados.

“It’s an honour for us to present this well-deserved award to Javier. It is really a prize from the fans as they chose Ontiveros. Perhaps it’s a little bittersweet as the team didn’t achieve promotion, but the Club will return to where it deserves to be, the First Division”. Miguel Ángel Martínez Guerra, head of MASKOM supermercados.

The Club would like to thank MASKOM for all the support over the season, as well as the special MVP sponsorship: