Ochoa: “I was happy to play although it wasn’t the ideal way”

The Mexican goalkeeper debuted against Deportivo in LaLiga following Kameni’s injury: “I tried to get into the game quickly after a long time without playing. I’m pleased, despite the circumstances.”


06/03/2016 04:36


“I was thrilled to be on the pitch.  It wasn’t the ideal way as my teammate was injured, which is something no one wants.  However, circumstances resulted in me joining play.”

On the pitch with no time to warm-up

“I tried to get into the game quickly after a long time without playing, which wasn’t easy, but I felt better as time went on and my teammates supported me throughout.  I’m pleased, despite the circumstances.”

“I had no time to warm-up and I needed to be ready.  Fortunately, I put my experience into practice, in what was a crazy game.”

Conceded goals

“They were actions that were almost one-on-one with the striker: The first was when the rival gained possession alone inside the area, the second saw the forward also in the area on his own, and the third was a close shot at goal.  It was difficult, we need to pay more attention to these actions where the team has been solid all season, and maintain this strength in the upcoming matches as LaLiga is very tight.”


“I think I was very patient, I tried to be serious, professional and committed to the group.  I think I’ve been kept aside as there are times when you should speak and times when you shouldn’t.  However, I’ve always been behind my team at all times.  If I have the chance to continue playing, I’ll try my best to help Málaga achieve its objectives.”