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Press conference

Muñiz: “We need to keep scoring points and not think too far ahead”

Málaga CF coach, Juan Ramón López Muñiz held a press conference before #MálagaCórdoba: “Our sole objective is to compete and combat Córdoba and try to overcome them”.

Match by match

“We have no better or worse matches, we have matches. The three points from the first game are exactly the same as this one, and will be the same as the last. We don’t have any rivals more important than others. Our sole objective is to compete and combat Córdoba and try to overcome them. I’m not at all worried about next week’s game. The match now is this one. These three points. We need to prepare well, keep scoring points and not think too far ahead. What we are trying to do is position ourselves to get to March or April and say, ‘this is our objective’. Until March or April there are no objectives. There’s the aim of winning on Saturday against Córdoba. This game is just as important as any other rival”.

Málaga CF – Córdoba CF

“Every match is worth three points. Of course, we’re in front of our fans and want them to go home happy with the work done because we scored the points, but every game is totally different to the others. I no longer focus on the past four matches, nor the run of victories or the style of play. It’s another match, with another three points at stake. The past no longer serves us at all, nor what is coming. I can only focus on what will happen tomorrow. We know there are another three points up for grabs and we can achieve them if we prepare sufficiently. At home we’ve got the support of our fans. We also know we’re going to find it incredibly difficult to overcome the rival. We know many things are at stake, so we need to do our job well to score the points and ensure the fans leave happy and in high spirits”.

Córdoba CF

“Córdoba had a situation in summer that delayed their planning somewhat. They had certain situations that didn’t benefit them. They started with some doubts and now have had two or three games as a team that scores goals. They began by conceding goals, but aren’t anymore. In the last match against Alcorcón they showed they were a serious team, with possession and good players”.


“He’s a player who has demonstrated many things here, and we have the obligation, as coaching team, to ensure that he returns to the level he was at previously. We’re going to try. He’s doing everything on his part and I think it is good news for everyone, for the Club, the team, the fans and teammates. Juanpi is very clear and is doing everything possible to be on the team and be able to help”.