Muñiz: “The team shows many signs of good health”

Blue and Whites’ coach Juan Ramón Muñiz held a press conference at the Ciudad de Málaga today. “We’re prepared for a difficult, tough season, as expected”.


06/12/2018 15:55


“The team is in the top part of the table, competing well, working well and, therefore, shows many signs of good health. There’s no problem, the guys in the dressing room know how hard it is to achieve the set objectives and are aware of the difficulties and know how long the season is and that there will be winning streaks. We’re in another situation at the moment, but the lads know that at any moment it can change and will once again revert to a more normal situation”.


“We have examples throughout the season of other teams and you have to give it some normality and a great deal of work. We are aware of the responsibility we have and are prepared for a difficult, tough season, as expected”.

Difficult rivals

“We greatly value the rivals and have utmost respect for them. Any rival can defeat you in this category, which is what we’re experiencing now. On Saturday we’ll be up against a good, difficult opponent in Mallorca, who concede few goals, and who are very clear about what they have to do. They work hard and are well balanced”.


“It’s a very open match in which any team can win. We’re going to do the best job we can to try and bring the three points home to Málaga and keep a very close eye on the top part of the standings”.