Munir: “We trust in the people who are with us”

The Malaguista goalkeeper attended to the media following the friendly against UD Melilla: “The dressing room is full of enthusiasm and eager to work”.


08/08/2019 10:51

Return to the team

“I couldn’t wait to get started and play my first minutes. I’m happy with how everything went, I felt good physically and was comfortable on the pitch”.

A victory is always positive

“We must keep up the work we’ve been doing in recent games. Achieving victory is positive for the group”.

An emotional match

“It’s a special match. I was keen to see a lot of people again for whom I have a great deal of affection. I really enjoyed it”.

Good predisposition of the team

“It’s a group that’s eager to work, with a very good attitude. Great predisposition towards work, with a strong commitment to the team, and we’re all going to try to maintain the continuity we had as a group, which was magnificent last season. We’ll attempt to follow that same line”.

Outstanding fans

“It doesn’t surprise us. At the end of last season, we saw that we have a 10 out of 10 fan base. Now it’s time to return all that trust, all that love they give us, on the pitch. We must prepare well for next week. The competition is almost upon us, so we’ll keep working to the max with the same attitude, ambition and, above all, eagerness to give the love back to the fans”.


“The dressing room is full of enthusiasm, eager to work hard each day. There are things that we have no control over, but we have total trust in the Club, in the coaching team and the players we have. With that we’ll start the competition, with enthusiasm and excitement. That’s our mentality”.

Confidence in the team

“We’re completely calm, we trust 100% in the people who are with us and we’re certain it’s going to be a great season. I believe we have a superb team with great players, and we can’t wait for LaLiga to get underway so we can show this on the pitch, which is where you have to prove it”.

Objective, step by step

“Our objective is to start LaLiga in the best way possible and score the three points in Santander. From there, we’ll take each day at a time, go match by match. That was our attitude last year, which I think went pretty well. Although we didn’t achieve our final objective of promotion, which is what we all wanted, I think we had a great competition. This will be our attitude for the coming year, to compete in the best way possible”.

Talking about... Munir

29/01/2020 17:24 | First team

Guardians of the goal

The Malaguista goalkeepers, together with the team’s defence, have registered the best numbers in terms of goals conceded in the entire LaLiga SmartBank (22 goals conceded in 25 matches).