Miquel: “We have to stay united”

Ignasi Miquel made his debut as a Málaga CF player in Vitoria. “I’m where I wanted to be. I have the ambition to keep growing” he states to the media in the mixed zone.


22/12/2017 11:19


“From a personal point of view, at last I have my reward of being here and competing in the First Division, however this is a tough blow for the team. We have no choice but to keep working hard. We’ve got this week to disconnect, improve and come back mentally stronger, secure and solid, ready for the next home game”


“I’m where I wanted to be, yes it’s a difficult situation, but if you don’t rise to these challenges you won’t improve as a footballer. I have the ambition to keep growing and for the team to continue growing with me”.

Next year

“We want everyone to believe in us, as we believe in them, and for us all to move forward together in the new year. On Monday 8th we need to be united, as at our home ground we have to convey the notion that we’re a tough team. If we stay together I’m certain we’ll advance”.

Unity and work

“We know the situation we’re in, we’re all here for the same reason, the group is in this position, not just the coach. The confidence in the coach is there, and we know we must stick together if we want to change the situation. If we start pointing fingers and laying blame, that’s when the team will lose out. However, if we stay together, work hard and have clear ideas, we can turn this around”.