Miquel: “I see the team as perfectly ready to compete”

The Malaguista defender attended to the media today in a press conference, and analysed the upcoming League match against SD Eibar: “We need to be forceful and smart in our defence”.


19/01/2018 14:46


“We are all trying to adapt to his way of seeing the matches, those small modifications we need to be able to try and change this streak. Defensively, we’re trying to learn all we can to perform as soon as possible, which is what will go in our favour in games. Little by little, with each one in his position, and with the small changes he’s applying, we’re trying to adapt to be ready to compete on Monday”.

Ready to compete

“From the outset he told us what he was looking for and what he wanted. The team has spent the week trying to adapt to these new things. They aren’t difficult because what he’s saying is coherent and can be done. We’ve been playing a certain way for some time and we have to adapt. I see the team as perfectly ready to compete”.


“When we have to win a place it’s all about training. You try to show the coach what you have, your qualities, what you can bring to the team, and in the end, it’s his decision. I work hard to stay on the team, and to be able to play on Monday. Everything that’s for the good of the team, whatever happens, has to be accepted. You have to help yourself on and off the pitch”.


“We already know how tough it’s going to be, even more so at their ground. They’ve become extremely strong there. They are a direct team, who fight and reach the area a great deal. Any lapses, like those that have happened to us in the last two games, which we lost due to our own fault, we cannot allow. In any set piece or long ball, you can reach Málaga CF; an action that will happen at Ipurua. We need to be forceful and smart in our defence”.