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Press conference

Miguel Torres: “My aim is to be here for many years”

The Blue and Whites’ defender speaks about the current sporting situation to MCFTV at Colegio Misioneras Cruzadas de la Iglesia. “We need to give our all as we did in the previous match and hopefully continue like this”.

Victory against Villarreal

“The team needed this victory. More than the issue regarding points, which is the most important, also for the psychological factor and the strength we each need. We did a very good job, I enjoyed my time on the pitch, the fans were 10 out of 10 and this has to be the way forward for the remainder of the season. It’s a difficult situation, but we need to give our all as we did in the previous match and hopefully continue like this in our upcoming games”.

Deportivo, next rival

“The first remaining final is a very important match, and we need to really go for the three points. I think we’re on an upward trend, more so than the rival, due to the confidence winning the last three points has given us. They have good players and a great squad, but luck isn’t going their way, so I think it’ll be a very open, hard-fought match, where anything could happen. The team, which is far more solid and knows better what to do in each moment of the game, could therefore claim all three points”.

Personal situation

“It’s been a tough start to the year, above all because I saw the team wasn’t in the situation we wanted to be in. If you can’t do your job, you feel uncomfortable, but now everything’s behind me, I’m back in team training, the coach is granting me continuity and the team is performing well on the field of play. I would like to continue contributing all I have to the team from here until the end of the season, and hopefully I can participate at the start and save the team, which is the first objective we all have”.

Fight until the end

“The vision and the objective are the same, working hard every day for each match, with the aim of achieving the points to secure permanency as soon as possible. As the matches have passed by, it’s not been possible, it’s a very complicated situation, but in the last game we saw a new path to the possibility of reaching safety. We’ll keep fighting until the end, being down we already know how to cope with the pressure, and last weekend we saw that the team was far more liberated”.

Malaguista fans

“You can’t say anything about these fans, they are right when they are demanding of us and reprimand us for not being fully immersed in the matches. We thank them for their support, you can really tell when the fans are with the team, and in the last game you could see the fans practically demanding the referee to end the game. You can feel it inside, for the rival and us, and I ask them to continue supporting us until the end of the season for the remaining matches, and once it’s over, they can dictate how the year has gone”.

Continuity with Málaga CF

“Unfortunately, news breaks that can tarnish an individual’s situation. There was talk I’ve been negotiating with teams, which is completely false. I renewed with Málaga months ago, and my aim is to be here for many years, next season in the situation we’re in and hopefully I can clarify what I’ve been saying all along, that Málaga has contributed a lot to my career and I want to stay here for many more years”.