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Press conference

Míchel: “We want to show the same performance in away games as we do at home”

The Malaguista coach analyses #GranadaMálaga the day before the match: “I want my team to be stable, then we’ll get a lot closer to how we performed against Valencia and Barça”.

The rival - Granada CF

“We know we’re coming up against a team that has maximum necessity, and will seek to impose their game, although they’re in a very delicate situation. They are looking for solutions for their future, whereas we are on the side-lines of that predicament, as we want to show the same performance in away games as we do at home. We are focusing on starting to show examples of the team we want to be. We have the foundation to be consistent and improve. It’s important that we get closer to the performance we’ve shown at our ground when we’re away from home”.

Frame of mind

“It’s true that we were anxious about the future, whereas now there’s a sensation of ‘how happy we are’, that the team is playing well and looking forward to what’s ahead, that is, ending in a mid-table position. It’s been somewhat of a grey season, but there’s no use in thinking about things that are irrelevant to us. It’s the end of LaLiga and all sorts of questions arise, but we must focus on what we want to do, and not get side-tracked. We’re not going to be judges of LaLiga, we’ll be judges of our position in the table, we’ve got enough to concern ourselves with that alone”.

Good defensive work

“When you want to build something, you must start from the foundation, and the cement is always the defence. There are different ways to defend, and I think we’ve improved a great deal in that respect, both with collective defensive work and collective ball possession and attack. The other day we defended very well in the first half, we were tight and pressurised the rival upfront. Whereas in the second half, we also defended very well, whilst pulling back more. That’s the idea, knowing how to manage the game. However, when we came here, one of the team’s difficulties was maintaining a clean sheet. It helps you to score, when you don’t concede a goal. We’ve not just scored goals, we’ve also won matches. This is the general tonic for next season, hopefully that will be the case”.

Stability, the main objective

I want my team to be stable. If my team’s stable and regular, then we’ll get a lot closer to how we performed against Valencia CF and FC Barcelona. The consistent teams are the ones who are always at the top”.