MCF Foundation brings happiness to IES La Rosaleda

Málaga CF took part in the Fair of Active Leisure and Accessible Sports, held at the Málaga institute, and raffled gifts amongst the social groups in attendance.


22/02/2018 14:17

IES Rosaleda, located a few metres away from the Malaguista stadium, held the 12th Fair of Active Leisure and Accessible Sports today.

Málaga CF, via its Foundation, attended the event, bringing gifts and happiness to everyone. Present at the Fair were Malaguista Club advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar and Abdullah Ben Barek, MCF Foundation Social Department representative, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’; and Málaga CF Femenino player, Karina. They all delivered various gifts to people at the event (a football signed by the entire Malaguista first team, a goalkeeping shirt, and a first team jersey signed by all the players, as well as Club merchandise).

The Fair of Active Leisure and Accessible Sports served to bring together a multitude of social groups focused on sporting activities to IES La Rosaleda.

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