MCF Academy match results

The Juvenil ‘A’ achieved a magnificent result in the first leg of the Copa de Campeones quarter-final, defeating Athletic (Roberto -2-) by 2-0 in the weekend’s standout match.


14/06/2021 11:22


Juvenil - División de Honor (1/4 final – first leg - Copa de Campeones)

Málaga CF 2 - 0 Athletic Club (watch match here)

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

UD Almería 0 - 1 Málaga CF

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF 0 - 2 Balón de Cádiz CF



No competition


Women’s football

4ª Cadete

Málaga CF 1 - 4 EF José Santacruz 'B'

Talking about... La Academia, Juvenil DH

25/06/2021 12:25 | La Academia

Santos: “This team is a family”

Málaga CF’s Juvenil DH goalkeeper analyses the team’s season following the defeat by FC Barcelona (1-0) in the semi-finals of Spain’s Copa de Campeones: “It’s been an incredible season for the whole group”.