MCF Academy match results

Atlético Malagueño achieved an important victory against UD Almería B (2-0) allowing the boys to move up a place in the standings. In addition, the 7-a-side youth teams obtained magnificent results.


18/03/2019 10:44

Atlético Malagueño

Manolo Sanlúcar’s boys claimed a significant win against the UD Almería reserve team (2-0). Aware of everything at stake, the Blue and Whites were pumped up and dominated play for the 90 minutes. David Grande, in the 21st minute, put Atlético Malagueño in the lead with a superb shot in front of the target. Then in 74’, Rubén sealed the win following a good assist from Deco. This victory takes the reserve team away from the bottom of the table.

Juvenil DH

The team headed by Francis Bravo suffered a home defeat by CG Ceuta. Ramón put the Malaguistras in front, but the visitors went level a minute later. From then on, the Juvenil A went in search of a winning goal, but it never arrived. However, the visitors scored in the 90th minute to take victory. With this defeat, the División de Honor team is in fourth place with 61 points.


Second Division B - Group IV

Atlético Malagueño 2 - UD Almería B 0 (watch the match here)

Juvenil - División de Honor

Málaga CF 1 - CG Ceuta 2

Juvenil - Liga Nacional

Málaga CF 2 - Pto. Malagueño 3

Cadete - División de Honor

Málaga CF 5 - Linares Deportivo 2

1ª Infantil

Málaga CF 4 - CD Tiro Pichón 1

2ª Infantil

Málaga CF 2 - Atco. Juval 1



2ª Alevín

Torneo de Burriana

It was just bad luck why the Alevín team didn’t go further in the Torneo de Burriana. The first group stage game against Villarreal CF ended in defeat, whilst the second and third against RCD Espanyol and Burriana respectively, ended in victory for the Malaguistas. A three-way tie between Villarreal, Espanyol and Málaga CF eliminated the Blue and Whites in the cruellest way. A goal in the last minute by Villarreal against Espanyol unlevelled the goal average and led to Málaga’s elimination. The ‘Pericos’ won the tournament, with our Alevín the only team capable of beating them.

First stage

  • MCF 0-1 Villarreal CF
  • MCF 1-0 RCD Espanyol
  • MCF 11-0 Burriana

Second stage

  • MCF 1-2 Nagoya
  • MCF 4-0 Lugano

(11th place / Champions: RCD Espanyol)

3ª Alevín A

Málaga CF 6 - CDF Romeral 1

3ª Alevín B

Málaga CF 7 - CD Cártama 1

3ª Benjamín A

Málaga CF 14 - UD Sta. Rosalía Maqueda 1

3ª Benjamín B

Málaga CF 7 - Marbella FC 3

3ª Prebenjamín

CD Pto. Malagueño 0 - Málaga CF 13


Women’s football

2ª División Femenina

Málaga CFF 1 - Luis Camoens Femenino 0

4ª Cadete

Málaga CFF 0 - UD Sta. Rosalía Maqueda 3

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09/12/2019 21:35 | La Academia

The Academy match results

It was a marathon December bank holiday packed full of matches, in which the Juvenil DH defeated DH San Andrés to maintain second place, whilst AT Malagueño were not in competition.

08/12/2019 18:10 | Málaga CF Female

Clo: “This point feels like very little”

The Málaga CF Femenino winger attended to the media following the match against Juan Grande: “We had our opportunities but couldn’t finish. We’re annoyed we weren’t able to score”, she said.