MBC Business Seminar at San Telmo Institute

This Thursday, members of the Málaga Business Club underwent a course relating to the challenges of the new business market in the digital environment, and how to affront them.


09/06/2017 14:26

After a year packed full of events, the 2016/17 season for the MBC (Málaga Business Club) is coming to an end. One of the final events of Málaga CF’s Business Club took place at San Telmo Institute in Málaga. Specifically, the “Traditional Businesses in the New Digital Environment” seminar.

The chosen location for this course was the Málaga headquarters of the San Telmo International Institute, where professor José María Pons Prat de Padua (Degree in Law – University of Barcelona – and a Doctorate in Business Administration – University of Navarra) led the session.

During the seminar (see photo gallery here) issues were addressed such as the best way to affront the challenges of the new digital ecosystem, including brand reinforcement with digital marketing.

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