Marbella will shine during Málaga CF - Atlético de Madrid B

The municipality will feature in MCF’s first official home game of the season. Puche's masterful work, with La Venus as the protagonist, will be displayed on the captain's armband and on the match poster.

The Club continues with the initiative of honouring the municipalities of Málaga province. On this occasion, Marbella will accompany the team on the pitch on the captain’s armband.

With 161,860 registered inhabitants, Marbella is the second most populated in the province and the seventh in Andalucía. Its picture-postcard beaches, its gastronomy, the wonderful climate and the warmth of its people make Marbella a magical place. So much so that stars from all over the world flock to this beautiful Málaga town.

Puche has masterfully portrayed La Venus, an emblem of the purest, most Marbella-like Marbella. This work by López Burgos is a cardinal point in itself. A reference located on its privileged coastline. This beloved Marbellí was separated from the sea for many years, in the midst of its urban development, but managed to return to its natural location next to the Mediterranean thanks to the efforts of its countrymen. She is the embodiment of Marbella. Puche knows her well, he grew up with La Venus as a family meeting point. Today he commemorates her with such affection. The Marbella of Puche is the Marbella of La Venus.