Malaguismo in the veins

More than 300 Malaguistas headed to La Rosaleda today for the Blood and Bone Marrow Drive and obtained their two tickets for #MálagaExtremadura on Saturday.


11/04/2019 13:38

Malaguismo answered the call to Málaga CF’s Blood and Bone Marrow Drive, via its Foundation, and in collaboration with the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, held at La Rosaleda’s facilities.

The campaign was attended by Málaga CF president, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani; CEO of The Academy, Hamyan Al Thani; Club advisers, Francisco Martín Aguilar and Abdullah Ben Barek; representative from the MCF Foundation’s Social Department, Sebastián Fernández Reyes ‘Basti’; first team delegate, Josemi; and assistant to the sports manager, Juan Rodríguez.


Sebastián Fernández Reyes, Basti

“It’s been a resounding success, the people are responding perfectly. Almost first thing this morning last year’s bone marrow donation record was broken, which was very important to us. We’re thrilled with how the city has responded to the call from the Club and the Foundation. In part it is thanks to the legacy of Pablo Raéz as we broke the bone marrow donation record which he fought so hard for”.

Francisco Martín Aguilar

“The Malaguista fans are always willing to collaborate with this cause, not just ours, but for the good of all Malagueños. It’s become an historic event for us as we hold it annually. We will always be willing to offer our facilities to the blood transfusion centre, with whom we have a close collaboration in regard to everything they need from us”.

“It’s expected that we’ll exceed 300 donations today. We must thank all the Malaguistas and Malagueños who came to La Rosaleda today”.

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19/09/2019 11:58 | Málaga CF Foundation

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Charity gala in an incomparable setting

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