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Málaga Veterans lose 2-1 to Cultural Marbella

The Blue and Whites were defeated by 2-1 in Marbella in the 8th ‘Liga Lúdica’ match of the season. Huertas and Victor scored for the locals, and Juanito for the ‘Malaguistas’.

The Málaga CF Veterans played a good game and generated numerous scoring opportunities.  The two local goals came from set pieces, along with Juanito’s ‘Malaguista’ goal.

Team line-ups:
Cultural Marbella: Romualdo, Huertas, Peral, Navarro,  Victor, Nuñez, Rivas, Troyano, Bravo, Diego, Isaac, Dos santos, Quayou, Ortiz, Blázquez, Pinazo.
Málaga CF: Haro, Leon, Mariano, Marco, Villatoro, Oscar, Servia, Dani Campos, Cabello, Rafa, Martínez, Juanito, Melguizo, Pariente.

1-0, Huertas (27')
1-1, Juanito (52')
2-1, Víctor (71')